Product Highlights

An overview of the main features of med111

Available in Eight Languages

Our leaflets are available in English, German, French, Italian Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, and Albanian

Plain Language

Leaflets are written in plain language so that all patients understand as much as possible. Technical jargon is avoided where possible.

Only the Most Important Info

All the key information a patient needs about her or his prescription is on one page.

A Take-Away for the Patients

The med111 leaflets can be accessed, printed and handed out very quickly.

No Conflict of Interest

This med111 service contains no advertising or sponsoring. It will be funded through its subscriptions.

A Complement

The med111 leaflets represent a complement to a physician's consultation and the package inserts

Over 230 Drugs

This covers over 80% of the medications that a general practitioner prescribes

An Established Provider

Med111 is produced by Infomed-Verlags-AG, a Swiss medical publishing company that has been publishing the independent drug bulletin pharma-kritik for over 40 years.

Continuous Upgrades

We are planning to add extra languages both for the leaflets and the user interface. Additional drugs and additional output media are also in the works.

Product Specifications

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Easy and Simple

Med111 is a tool that you can use immediately
You don't have time to install new software and to learn how to use it. Med111 is based on well-known web interfaces and on the computer skills you already have: you select a drug and a language and press "print" ... this is done with a minimum of key strokes in a few seconds. No complicated instructions are necessary to quickly access the over 5,000 different leaflets.

Almost 90% Coverage

Almost all medications used on regular basis are included
Med111 is designed for general practitioners and family physicians. The array of drugs used in this context is large. Our initial focus with med111 was to select drugs that are prescribed by doctors and that are taken orally. The current version of med111 includes 230 generic drugs and 700 brand names.

Only the Important Information

Tell your patient what's most important and give them something to take home
You don't want your patients to forget or miss what is most important by overloading them with too much information orally. Each med111 leaflet contains exactly the information that must be remembered. You can therefore concentrate on the most critical aspects during your conversation with the patient and then hand them an infosheet as a reference to be looked at later.

Simple Language

A twelve-year old can understand the leaflets
People who are ill are often stressed and anxious. This affects their ability to fully understand what they are being told. Their changed reality, all the new information and terminology call for clear and simple communication in a language that everyone understands. The leaflets were written and copy-edited in such a way that they can be understood with minimal schooling levels.

A Wide Range of Languages

The mother tongue of 90% of all patients is covered
The average health professional interacts with people who speak a different mother tongue and therefore have trouble communicating on a daily basis. We therefore made our leaflets available in eight languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, and Albanian. This means that almost everyone in Switzerland can get their med111 drug leaflet in their native language.

Independent and No Conflicts of Interest

Produced by the well-know publisher of pharma-kritik
Med111 is a service offered by the Swiss company Infomed-Verlags-AG. This publishing company has been publishing the pharma-kritik drug bulletin for almost 40 years. Infomed is a not for profit organization. None of its publications have any advertising or are sponsored. The same is true for the med111 information leaflets; the motivation for infomed is exclusively to help patients. You can feel assured that the information you hand to your patients is properly vetted and thoroughly reviewed.