Some of your questions:

Q. Who is this service for?

Med111 was designed primarily for health professionals who treat patients with medications or advise them on medication issues, e.g. doctors, pharmacists, as well as people who are involved in nursing care. The focus of the application is on drugs prescribed by general practitioners and family physicians.

The current version of the tool is optimized for Switzerland; the available languages and the brand names reflect this.

Q. Who ensures the quality and accuracy of the information?

The content published on the med111 leaflets has gone through a thorough quality assurance process at Infomed-Verlags-AG

Q. How does the application work?

After you log in, you will be directed to the dashboard from where you can select the leaflets you are looking for. As soon as you start typing a drug or brand name into the search field, the system will display the available leaflets.

Click on any language button, to add this drug leaflet to your print job. The print job is displayed in the "Ready to Print" widget.

You can add up to eight leaflets (pages) to any print job. This can include additional language versions for the same drug or different drugs. Once your have selected all the leaflets that your patient, you click on the green "PRINT" button.

(You can manipulate your "Ready to Print" list by removing leaflets -- with the x-icon -- or by changing the order of the pages with the arrow icons.)

After you click on "PRINT" the system dynamically generates the exact list of leaflets for you and displays them as PDF files on your screen. You can now print these leaflets by selecting your own printer. 

Once you have paper copies of your leaflets you can close the PDF files on your screen by clicking anywhere on the grey background area or on the "X" in the top right corner.

Q. What is the content structure of the leaflets?

All leaflets have the same five-section structure: 

  1. How do you use this drug?
  2. What effects can I expect? 
  3. What to do if there are side effects?
  4. Are there problems with other drugs or food and drink?
  5. Additional concerns
The leaflets have the same structure in all languages, so that the health professional can point to information on the sheet even in a language that is unknown to her or him.

Here as an example of the Paracetamol leaflet in all eight available languages.

Q. Why is there only generalized information on side effects and interactions?

Why don't the leaflets contain details about side effects and interactions? First and foremost, it is important for patients to know how to act if and when they observe an adverse drug reaction. Only individual consultations with a doctor or pharmacist can really get to the bottom of any adverse reactions. For general information on side effects or interactions one can consult the official package insert or the Internet. The med111 leaflets do not intend to create unnecessary fears or a questionable feeling of safety.

Q. What are the technical requirements for the usage of the med111 application?

All you need is a standard Internet connection, a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, a PDF reader connected to the browser and a connected printer.

Note: There are functional limitations with certain browsers such as Edge or Brave.

Move your mouse across the top of the leaflet, to make your printer symbol appear. Click on the printer icon and select your preferred printer, and print the leaflet. If the leaflet prints properly, you meet all the conditions for the med111 application.

Q. Can individual leaflets be obtained?

The application will be in its initial testing phase until October 31st, 2018 and anyone can subscribe free of charge until then. Anyone can therefore obtain leaflets, even individual ones, for free. In this context, please note the Terms of Use which apply to the free subscription.

For patients who receive leaflets from a med111 subscriber, the leaflets are always free.

Q. How much does a subscription cost?

There is no cost to use med111 during the initial testing phase until October 2018. Pricing for the service is yet to be determined in detail. There will be various subscription plans to reflect the size and usage requirements of our subscribers.

Q. When will new drugs or new languages be added?

We are planning to broaden the scope of med111 towards the end of 2018, assuming the service finds proper traction in the market.

Q. When will the service be adapted for countries other than Switzerland?

The current version is designed for the Swiss market, with leaflets in the languages commonly spoken in Switzerland and the brand names found here. Users outside Switzerland can subscribe to the service, but must take this into consideration.

We are planning to create services for other European countries for which new languages and brand names will be added. No dates have been set.